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Increased Motivation, Focus and Getting More Work Done

“After four sessions of undergoing biofeedback in the treatment of my ADD and general stress/anxiety regarding work, I noticed a profound improvement when adding The MindMoves® StudyBuddy to my daily routine. Generally I have a very difficult time beginning and finishing tasks that require a great deal of continuous effort and focus. On a scale of 1- 10 my attention and focus are generally at 2 or 3 and if I'm lucky, I get up to 4 or 5. After biofeedback and The StudyBuddy, I am able to reach a higher level of immersion in things - ending up around 6 or 7 after only 4 sessions!

“Many tasks seem too challenging and become so blown out of proportion in my mind that doing them feels like a massive burden. I put off doing some things and avoid them by doing other things. Following the initial round of treatment with Georgia Connor, I returned to work following a week long vacation to find that I felt great and my attention was spot on. I was able to sit down for several hours and handle relatively rote tasks with ease and enjoyment. It's no surprise to me that the treatment works because I underwent it 10 years ago when I was a young adolescent. With the help of biofeedback alone, I was transformed from a C student to a near A student. Now with The StudyBuddy the two together are able to ‘jump-start’ my brain in a way I didn't think was possible.

“I cannot emphasize the benefits of this treatment enough, as it has really changed my life for the better and allowed me to ‘wake-up’ and utilize my brain to its fullest potential.”

Chris O., Los Angeles, CA

An Answer to Prayers

“Dear Georgia,

“Your StudyBuddy system is wonderful! I used it with my Grandson who has endured a lifetime of being unmotivated, unable to focus or follow-through on things, or even keep a job. I followed your instructions to the letter. In three days, my Grandson exclaimed, ‘Grandma, for the first time in my life I am clear-headed, I can focus and I'm grounded! Now I am beginning to understand what you have been trying to teach me all of these years.’

“Georgia, your StudyBuddy is an answer to our prayers. I am hopeful that my grandson can now feel that he is an important part of this world. I wish you all the best with your new invention as I know it can help so many people.

“Wishing you every blessing,
Katherine Beck
Las Vegas, Nevada”

Listening and Memorization

“Dear Georgia,

“Thank you so much for The StudyBuddy. I used to talk continuously in history class but I don't do that any more. Instead, I am listening! After only 10 days of using the StudyBuddy daily I was able to memorize three soliloquies from Shakespeare with no problem. I studied over the weekend and remembered it until Friday, what a surprise! That felt great. I am very happy with my grades now. I am looking forward to graduating high school with confidence and I plan on entering nursing college in the fall. Thanks for your encouragement and support.”

Yesenia T., Los Angeles, CA

CASE STUDY: ADD teen with depression discovers how to memorize and learn best with MindMoves to raise her failing grades in Spanish to ‘A’s

A 16-year-old girl with ADD and depression had failed a year of Spanish and was desperate to begin making it up during the summer. At first she was reluctant to believe she had the capacity to memorize because she had practiced “thousands of times” with no positive results. She began learning “The MindMoves™ 7- Steps to Memorization” with her Spanish vocabulary while on Program #3 on Monday. She practiced diligently everyday including Friday morning before the test. She was elated the next Tuesday to learn she had earned her first “A” on a small vocabulary test in Spanish. This gave her great confidence about the way her brain memorized. She practiced the oral applications as well as the grammar applications the same way. By the end of the semester, she had earned an “A” in Spanish. She gained access to a “memory template” which was reliable and would serve her for the rest of her academic career and in her life.

Free from Depression!

“Dear Georgia,

“You and your program have saved my life! I told you that on the third day of our intensive training and I still mean it. Before I came to see you I had been trying to titrate down from more than 6 anti-depressants over a period of six months. I was in a deep, dark depression and even the best doctors couldn't help me get out of it. Your intensive brainwave training program, coupled with The StudyBuddy (my daily companion), cold laser acupuncture activation, homeopathy and herbs have turned my life around. Now I am happy, energetic and even teaching yoga classes to “the hood”, something I've always wanted to do. As I told you before, they are making a movie about my life. I would not have been here to enjoy this experience if it had not been for your compassionate care and intervention.
I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Georgia.”

Deb C., Venice, CA


“I had been sleep deprived for many years. I used the StudyBuddy Program #1. SLEEP three times the first night and got more sleep than I had experienced for a long time. This encouraged me to keep trying. By the third night I actually slept the entire night without getting up even to go to the bathroom. It felt so wonderful to wake up rested! Thank you, Georgia, for inventing the StudyBuddy!”

— Valinda R. Simi Valley, CA

“Most of my life I had had difficulty falling asleep because of an overactive mind. I would lie in bed and plan the next day’s activities, or try to solve problems, or come up with ideas to write or preach about. When I use the StudyBuddy Program #1, my mind gears down and bothersome thoughts disappear, so I was ready for a good night's sleep.”

– Rev. A.P., Sierra Madre, CA

Testimonials from Parents of Children with Autism

1. Armand

“Our 4.8 year-old son, Armand, has been in your biofeedback program for almost four months now. Within a couple of weeks of starting treatment with you, his recovery had accelerated, his hyperactivity completely disappeared, and he is more social and verbal than ever before. For all these, I would like to express our gratitude to you.

“Armand will be 5 years-old in October, and was born a perfectly healthy, strong baby. After his first birthday, he came down with severe headaches, ear infections, and a series of colds and flues. The son-shine baby turned into a withdrawn, cranky toddler, who refused to sit in the car, and had tantrum 5-10 times a day.

“I have chosen a holistic and spiritual/energy healing approach to his healing. After identifying food allergens, we removed gluten and casein from his diet, along with the other 18 food items he was sensitive to. We also started supplementing his diet with enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

“Armand has been steadily improving on cutting edge biomedical treatment, homeopathic medicine, osteopathic treatment, and weekly Qui gong treatment, and ABA therapy. The ABA therapy we changed to the Son-rise program, which is far more beneficial to him.

“In early May, we started treatment with you, Georgia. The Pro-Z supplement for balancing Armand's blood sugar level had a magic effect from day one. Armand is not hyper anymore. His speech is showing improvement, his behavior has changed dramatically.

“Armand is behaving more and more like an average boy. The only difference is that he is a very well-behaved child. His artistic ability is beyond praise. He captures colors and shapes of nature as the best impressionists could do. He learned how to count to 120, and now he is teaching himself to read and write.

“He still goes into exclusive sometimes, he cannot yet handle social situations as well as a regular child, but every day he is catching up, and we are patient. Armand is an exceptional child, very talented and we love him the way he is.

“Dear Georgia Connor, you are one of our Angels. Your shining, loving, healing spirit has a wonderful healing effect on Armand, and on all of us. You are one of the true Healers. Thank you for being on our side!

“With gratitude and love,
Dr. Ildiko F. Cseto-Stevens, B.H., CA”

2. Natalie

“One word that we never thought would be part of our vocabulary, ‘autism.’ A frightening word we once thought. A world completely unknown to us-intimidating and overwhelming with so many questions to be answered, until we met Georgia Connor.

“Our beautiful daughter Natalie was a healthy baby, happy and full of life. Then all of a sudden, she became shy, a loner and little girl of few words. Some thought she, perhaps, was hard of hearing. This wasn't the case. Her hearing was fine. She then started to see a speech therapist and was diagnosed as a ‘late talker.’ We continued speech therapy but Natalie didn't seem to speak any more than she did before we went and her screams were becoming more and more frequent. It wasn't until we had her assessed at our local school district that they used the word ‘autism.’ At the time Natalie had just turned 5 years old. The school psychologist said that she was at a 2-and-1/2-year-old level and that she had retardation and that she may never read or write.

“Georgia Connor has now been working with Natalie for 5 months. Before we started working with Georgia, Natalie's behavior was erratic. She had a hard time focusing and comprehending simple instructions. In the short time working with Georgia, Natalie is a completely different child. Pretty much all of the outbursts that she used to have are nonexistent. She is able to focus and hold lengthy conversations and will now ask ‘why’ questions and is able to retain the information and use it at the appropriate times.

“Georgia Connor is an amazing woman. Her knowledge and expertise with the neurofeedback along with the caring and gentle but firm approach has made an extraordinary difference in our daughter's life. She is now getting the life she so deserves and we couldn't have gone this far without Georgia.

Brain & Dorothy McKim”

Read what Karen Walker has to say about using MindMoves in her 3rd Grade Classroom

“While working comprehensively on my personal attention/memory/organization issues with Georgia Connor in December 2005, it occurred to me that several of her MindMoves might also help my third graders whose issues in any year include Asperger's syndrome, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, second language issues, inadequate sleep, lack of parental support, and simply not knowing how to learn. With the increasing level of achievement demanded by NCLB legislation, the rigorous academic day was taking its toll. Children were burned out by early afternoon at best, and those with difficulties and disabilities sometimes gave up before they started. I decided to try to energize our classroom with MindMoves.

“I told my students about my experience with Georgia Connor and enticed them with an invitation to get smarter without doing any extra work (or testing!). This was appealing (Wow! A freebie!) So we began to do a 5-minute set of MindMoves every morning and an abbreviated set after lunch every day. Our set includes 3 lion yawns, drinking a big swig of water, ear rubs, index to thumb finger rubs, 10 sacral pumps, and crossovers to the knee to a double count of 25 (1-1, 2-2, 3-3...), of course, while breathing through our noses. After lunch, we did a set of the crossovers. Finger rubs were also given as a strategy for keeping focused during a test, a lecture, while listening to others read and other tasks where students are required to sit quietly, but attend to a lesson. I also recommended substituting water for soda at meals, which some claimed to do, especially girls.

“The results were almost immediate. Within a week, I had 100% attentiveness from 19 of my 20 students, morning and afternoon. Before each test, students begged to do a set of crossovers, then dug in with confidence. On a few hectic mornings, we forgot to do our MindMoves, and the contrast was evidenced by lack of responsiveness and eye focus. We stopped, did our set, and I was able to return to a group of invigorated learners. One student, who came to class in September reading at kindergarten level, made two and a half years progress in reading between January and June. My teaching was no different. Imagine my surprise as we walked to class, when he began a conversation about the book he had read the night before, citing details and telling me all about the main character!

“I observed yet another noticeable change during our grueling two weeks of STAR testing. The students were calm and confident, willing to take on the task and demonstrate the most of what they had learned. As I scanned my test-takers, little pairs of hands would pop up from time to time, fingers rubbing, and then disappear as the child resumed the challenge. This level of buy-in on these state-mandated tests by my WHOLE class was unprecedented in eight years of teaching Title 1 students. My conclusion is that while my teaching may be the key to what my students learn, MindMoves maximizes the learning environment by increasing the level of student 'metacognition' and by making classroom management easy. My students were happy, industrious learners, and my focus could be where it belongs: on teaching, not discipline. One other colleague was bold enough to try this little experiment, and had similar results. We both found MindMoves a simple, yet effective way to involve students in their own learning in a kid-friendly, kinesthetic manner that opens their minds and optimizes not only the gift, but also the right of learning.”

Karen Walker, 3rd Grade Teacher from Whittier, California

UPDATE: Karen Walker happily reports that her students' scores on state mandated tests have moved up dramatically. She continues to say, “...they have been improving over the last 5 years...their earlier scores were in the 400s and the scores have now moved into the 700s.” She was delighted to see the greatest improvement was this last year. She now hopes more teachers will consider using MindMoves as a daily practice in their classrooms. She thanks us for doing our little part and we acknowledge her for her dedication and courage to reach into the frontiers of neuroscience to guide her students on the path to academic excellence. Congratulations Karen!


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