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“Zone Focus” now available as MP3

Zone Focus is a 20-minute brainwave frequency audio entrainment program now available from CDbaby.com as a downloadable stereo mp3 file. This technology was previously only available through the MindMoves™ StudyBuddy Accelerated Learning System.

"“Zone Focus” is designed to increase auditory attention, productivity and mental stamina in the workplace, on the computer, while you're reading or studying. It has been enhanced as a unique tapestry of sound, weaving the music of esteemed artist Jaap Schroder on his baroque violin supported by a background of brainwave frequencies for calm attention. Jaap Schroder is performing on a baroque violin by Willem van der Syde. Amsterdam c.1700, restored to its original condition.

Audio Brainwave Frequency Entrainment. What is it?
When the brain hears a frequency which is natural to its own brainwave pattern it begins to follow the signal and mimic it. This is called entrainment. In this case, with Zone Focus, when you are using stereo headphones, both hemispheres of the brain begin to synchronize to the brainwave frequency for calm, sustained attention. After long-term use, the brain remembers this state and you can recall it on your own.”
– Georgia Connor, Neuroscientist & Learning Specialist

Best results are achieved by using high quality headphones instead of ear buds. Please do not use after 5 PM unless you intend to stay awake until 12 midnight!

“Zone Focus” Music Sequence:
Toccata a moll (adaptation from the organ Toccata in D minor) J.S. Bach(1685-1750)
Passaggio rotto - Nicola Matteis (1670- 1698)
Partitas for Solo Violin - Prelude - Johann Paul von Westhoff (1656-1705)
Courante - Johann Paul von Westhoff
Gigue - Johann Paul von Westhoff
Corrente (adaptation from the Flute Partita) J.S.Bach
Bourrée Anglaise (adaptation from the Flute Partita) J.S.Bach

Total minutes: 20:07

Acknowledgments: We offer grateful acknowledgments to Smekkleysa for permission to adapt the original violin recording. For more baroque music by Jaap Schroder, please visit www.smekkleysa.net

Zone Focus © 2009 Georgia Connor, PhD, on behalf of MindMoves™ Music / BMI • All Rights Reserved

Sample EEG of brain in “Zone Focus”

MindMoves™ EEG spectral analysis of Zone Focus

Zone Focus for First Responders:
Paramedics Firemen Policemen Sheriffs ER Doctors Nurses Emergency Crews Air Traffic Controllers Late Night Road Repair Crew Business Managers Tech Support

Are you in a
high-stress-related job?

• Do you and your colleagues sometimes wish you had a greater edge on focus and mental stamina to better handle difficult situations?

• Are lives on the line every day, depending on you to be coherent, focused, able to make the right decision in a second's notice even during the last hour of a long shift?

If you and your colleagues need greater mental stamina and clarity, take advantage of this important opportunity to optimize your brain power in just 20 minutes with “Zone Focus”! That‘s just a coffee break.

Go to http://www.cdbaby.com/jschroder and download “Zone Focus.”

Use good stereo headphones for optimal results. Try it now and see the difference it can make.

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

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