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Dr. Georgia K. Connor
Certified EEG Neurofeedback Trainer

Abbreviated Summary

INVENTOR: Patented Technologies/United States Patent No. US 7,204,815,B2
Mastoid Ear Cuff and System: April 17, 2007

ABSTRACT: A system for treating brain function including a signal generator and ear cuff. Various modalities of treatment are possible including approaches for enhancing learning, and stimulating alertness and clearing emotions. This new sound delivery system is for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and speech delays. This patented system synchronizes the two hemispheres of the brain so these individuals may begin to hear words at the same rate their peers do.

The MindMoves® StudyBuddy Accelerated Learning System (12/11/06):
A prototype of the Mastoid Ear Cuff and System is a portable A/V system with 2.5+ hours of DVD Instructional for memory enhancement; brain function enhancement including help with sleep disorders, waking up the brain for reading, spelling, memorizing, calm attention and staying alert.

ZONE FOCUS© 2009/ MindMoves™ Music
MP3 and CD formats interweaving brainwave frequencies with classical baroque violin music performed by Jaap Schroder. When used with large stereo headsets this music clears the “cob-webs”, lowers theta waves and raises attention span for clear, calm attention. To be used for waking-up, reading, writing, working on the computer, and studying for a performance.

MindMoves United States Patent and Trademark Office Reg. No. 3,078,179
Registered April 11, 2006

StudyBuddy United States Patent and Trademark Office Reg. No. 3,324,469
Registered Oct.30, 2007

EDUCATOR: Applied Neuroscience, Brain Rehabilitation & Learning; Certifications in Neurofeedback & Advanced Biofeedback; EEG Neurofeedback Trainer specialized in Peak Performance Training in Sports & Learning, Educational Kinesiology, Multi-Modality Learning Assessments, Training & Strategies and Learning Challenges including: Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) & Dyslexia, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain Management, PTSD, Auto-Immune Enhancement, Weight Mastery, Nutrition, Detox, Rejuvenating Recovery for Alcohol & Substance Abuse for teens and adults as well as Heart Rate Variability and stress reduction.

FOUNDER: Possibility Kids, a public charity school, not-for-profit California Corporation (August, 1993). In 2012 the Organization has been granted reclassification as a tax exempt Public Charity.  Contributions are deductible under section 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) of the Code.  This Organization is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devices, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.  Your generous and kind support is deeply needed and appreciated.


1994 - Present: MindMoves®-Biofeedback, Westlake Village, California

EEG Neurofeedback Trainer: Peak Performance in Learning for the gifted, the learning challenged, for certain sports including golf and creative arts performance. Protocols recreated based on Dr. Valdeane W. Brown's “Five Phase Protocols for EEG Neurofeedback. Nutrition, Vision and Ear Training, Neurological Repatterning, Learning Strategies, and Family Dynamics are incorporated into an Accelerated Learning Program utilizing state-of-the-art computer science and learning tools. CapScan; Roshi; Biograph Infinity EEG & Physiology; QXCI/SCIO/EPFX - Advanced Biofeedback; Rife Technologies (Beam Ray & Ultimate B3); Alpha-Sonic Technology & Cold Laser Therapy for pain reduction; Light & Sound Technology. Creator of the following: “Break the Cycle of Depression in 5 days”, and “The MindMoves® StudyBuddy Light & Sound Accelerated Learning System”.

2009: MindMoves™ Music registered with BMI
ZONE FOCUS© 2009- CD's and MP3 formats are designed for a new genre of music incorporating brainwave frequencies and classical baroque violin music. When used with stereo headphones the brain shifts into levels of calm focus. Intended for use while reading, writing, working on the computer, paying bills, studying, and preparing for a performance.

2006: Campus Lectures - In staff
“The MindMoves® Accelerated Learning Program for Classrooms”: Opening The Gates for Learning; MindMoves™ Practices; practical exercises for less stress in the classroom, greater group harmony, waking -up the brain for attentive listening, attention, memory, and higher academic achievement.
Junipero Serra High School, Gardena, CA

2005: MindMoves® StudyBuddy with DVDs
The StudyBuddy Accelerated Learning Kit is featured on www.mindmoves.net.
DVDs include tutorials with practices for getting a good night's sleep and waking-up the brain for learning.

Present: Rejuvenating Recovery
This program is operates as a partnership with local physicians and other health care practitioners. An empowering Holistic Approach to Healing Addictions; Brain Function Enhancement through Neurofeedback & Light & Sound Technology; Advanced Biofeedback for stress reduction; Craving reduction & rebalancing of neurotransmitters in brain through amino acid therapy; testing & replenishing endocrine system; Liver and Colon Detox; Reduce viral loads/ energetic therapy to identify and reduce pathogenic overloads; Blood sugar /insulin balance (please see Neurofeedback and Pro-Z Supplement research abstract); diet & nutrition, balance sleep REM cycles, untying the knots of psychosomatic traumas; prayer, meditation and creative visualization.

1993 - Present: Possibility Kids
Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Carmel, California
Founder: a 501 (c)(3) Public Charity School, dedicated to keeping kids out of gangs, in school, off drugs, high on academic achievement through new opportunities and new tools for learning. We designed a multi-modality classroom curriculum for inner-city elementary school students and teachers, specifically as a pilot project for Culver City Unified School District. This included Empathy training through the study and appreciation of Cultural Diversity; skills to enhance cognitive thinking for academic achievement. This was a new thinking initiative to develop an effective learning environment. Peace Promotion classes are provided to The Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club by our Lighthouse Counseling Project.

1989 - Present: Georgia Connor Communications, Inc.
Los Angeles, California
President / Owner: Marketing, Neurofeedback & Advanced Biofeedback Assessments and Training; Light & Sound; Auditory Entrainment CD and MP3 formats for ZONE FOCUS; new tools for learning and effective approaches to excellence for students, parents, teachers, athletes, executives.

Jan 1991-'94: Athena Productions, Los Angeles, California
General Partner: A production house for children's TV programming and literature. Co-Author with Gloria Victor Gold on “Star-Series: Q-3”, and “The Dolphin Gang” (adventures in problem solving & peace promotion for kids).

Sep 1988-'90: M.R.S. Enterprises, Inc., Beverly Hills, California
Director of Product Placement & Special Markets: Created Corporate Sponsorship programs and coordinated cross-marketing activities for celebrity driven Family Home Video products. Coordinated foreign licensing for special interest videos except in the US & Canada; Paramount Home Video (distributors). Developed critique standards and administered a review panel of 12 writers to review 7,000+ videos, audio and film productions. Compiled all summary data; coordinated updates on all sales, marketing and promotional materials.

Oct 1989: Video Market Place, Inc., Beverly Hills, California
General Partner & Co-Producer: Co-Host Pat Boone on the J.C. Penny Shopping Television Network, a special interest video program.

1984: Winner Communications: Sales Representative. Bringing in new clients for T.V. commercial advertising projects, AAMCO Transmissions, Gibralter Brakes, New Jersey Waste Management. NYC, NY.

1978-'86: Performance: Professional Singer, Voice-overs, Dancer and Actress; over 40 national commercials, Off-Broadway musicals. Toured United States, Great Britain and Europe.

1967-'77: Performance & Teaching: Georgia was a Concert Violinist; Solo Dance Artist specializing in Baroque Ballet Opera, Modern Concert Dance and Choreography. Toured and lectured, US, Great Britain and Europe.

Writings, Educational Programs & Teaching Workshops

2012 - E-Zine.com/ Expert Author, “Anger Management: Does Someone in your family have a toxic temper?”

2012, January - “Achieve Weight Mastery by Breaking the Cycle”
Natural Awakenings Magazine, CA

2011, December - “ADHD Teens & Traffic Tickets”
Natural Awakenings Magazine, CA

2007, July 26 - Anger Management: “Does Someone in your family have a toxic temper?” A new paradigm for true behavioral change: Neurofeedback, nutrition and non-violent communication. Special to the Acorn, Thousand Oaks, CA

2007 - StudyBuddy Satellite School: Junipero Serra High School is the first high school campus incorporating The MindMoves® StudyBuddy Accelerated Learning System into classes for second languages, science, religion and study hall. Gardena, CA

2006 - “Las Vegas Today Show” with Sandy Zimmerman”: “Wake-up Your Mind”; A radio show on The StudyBuddy and why our kids are not winning in school; deleterious effects of cell phones, sugar and mercury-laced vaccines on brain function.

2006 - Campus Lectures - In staff: “The MindMoves® Accelerated Learning Program for Classrooms”: Opening The Gates for Learning; MindMoves™ Practices; practical exercises for less stress in the classroom, greater group harmony, waking -up the brain for attentive listening, attention, memory, and higher academic achievement. Junipero Serra High School, Gardena, CA

“The MindMoves™ Accelerated Learning Formula”: Peak Performance in Learning, utilizing Neurofeedback, Learning Strategies, MindMoves™- Sensory Integration Practices, Ear Training, Nutrition, Meditation & Communication Skills in a private practice.
Ventura County, CA : 2007-Present
Los Angeles County, CA : 1998-2007
Carmel, CA : 1996-'98
Los Angeles, CA : 1994-'96

“Correlations between Popular Energetic Devices and Theoretical Applications with The MindMoves StudyBuddy for Treating Brain Function”. (Dissertation). 2003

“The MindMoves™ ALP - Light & Sound Technology” Light & Sound for accelerated learning with workbook including Neuro-repatterning practices. 2003

“Bringing Christ into the Workplace” A workshop for The LA Chapter of The Association of Christian Therapists.  2003

“Autism: a Holistic Approach” / Public presentations for parents of children diagnosed with autism. Learning Assessments, EEG Case Studies and EEG training presented. 2002

“MindMoves™ Protocols for Breaking the Cycle of Depression in 5 Days” includes EEG, nutrition and light & sound protocols. 1998 -'09

The MindMoves™ Accelerated Learning Formula - Advanced EEG Training Workshop for Individual Professionals with 600-page workbook. 1999

“Natural Alternatives to Ritalin” Capital Drugs National Newsletter
Public Presentation at Capital Drugs, Sherman Oaks, CA. 1999

“MindMoves™- Sensory Integration Practices for Whole Brain Functioning”, to be used in conjunction with EEG Biofeedback. 1993-'04

“Neurofeedback and Pro-Z Supplement”- Calming Hyperactivity, Reduction of Headaches and Stomachaches in ADHD Population. Research with Ken Tachiki, Ph.D. and Dr. M. Song Veterans Research Facilities with Bio behavioral Medicine, UCLA Campus, Los Angeles, CA. 1997-'98

“Neurofeedback and Pro-Z Supplement” Significant reductions in headaches and stomachaches in ADHD populations in 10 sessions; SSNR Presentation of Dissertation & Research findings International Conference; Austin, Texas. 1998

“Formulas for Learning - The Inner and the Outer Games” - Case Studies; NRNP California Conference; Monterey, CA. 1997

“Making Room for a Winner” - Family Dynamics; Parenting Skills. 1996-'97

“Electrophysiological Findings in Subjects Suffering from Dyslexia And Remediation of Symptoms through 7 Phases of EEG” 1997

“MindMoves™-Spelling Tutor” Neurological Re-patterning Practices With Sound: 30-day program, entrains visual-kinesthetic-auditory-loop for writing the English Alphabet. 1994

“MindMoves™ 7 Steps to Memorization”: (Spelling, Text, Studying for Exams) 1994

“The Four Paths of Perception” based on Kay Beck's “Finding Your Greater Self”. 1994

“Possibility Parents, S.O.S.”; “Some Other Solutions on “Firm, Consistent and Fair Discipline”. Workshops based on “Yesterday's Children, Revisiting and Restructuring Our Past” by Martha Barham, RN, Ph.D. 1993-'94

“Excellence in The Classroom, Grades K-6” multi-modality learning “Distinguishing Possibility from Nothingness into Usefulness”; “Peace Building / Kids, Cops, Parents & Teachers”. 1990-'94

“Possibility Kids 2001” - multi-modality approach to learning, K-12. A Prototype for an Integrated-Interactive Education System for The Culver City Unified School District. A design for a new educational environment, supported by media, technology, and community; providing breakthrough technology & classroom curricula which supports values, self-esteem, mastery of analytical and cognitive skills, peace promotion, participation, responsibility, and leadership. Culver City, CA 1990-'94

“Access to Breakthrough Teaching in the Classroom”, provided by Allison Armstrong, The Education Network. This was a Possibility Kids project. Culver City 1994

“Star-Series: Q-3”, a children's TV adventure series geared for problem-solving; a variety of essays, music, poetry, and short stories for children; with partner, Gloria Victor Gold. 1990-'93


2007 - StudyBuddy Satellite School: Junipero Serra High School is the first high school campus incorporating The MindMoves® StudyBuddy Accelerated Learning System into classes for second languages, science, religion and study hall. Gardena, CA

2006 - “The MindMoves® Accelerated Learning Program for Classrooms” Opening The Gates for Learning; MindMoves™ Practices; practical exercises for less stress in the classroom, greater group harmony, waking -up the brain for attentive listening, attention, memory, and higher academic achievement.
Junipero Serra High School, Gardena, CA

1995- Present: MindMoves™- Clinical Practice

1999 - The MindMoves™ Accelerated Learning Formula/Light & Sound-ALP: Advanced Training Workshop for Individual's certified in EEG, CA

1990-Present: Various Workshops, Peace Promotion & Non-Violent Communication, Accelerated Learning, MINDMOVES™ Sensory Integration Practices, Lecture Demonstrations - EEG Neurofeedback, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Depression, Stress Management, Pain Management; Auto- Immune Enhancement; Alcohol & Substance Abuse. CA

1999- May 19: Testimony on School Violence Prevention & Intervention Programs That Work - Joint Hearing California State Assembly & Senate Education Committees - Senate Select Committee on School Safety & Juvenile Justice, Sacramento, CA

1984- U.S. Goodwill Ambassador, guest singer, Music Conservatory of Sienna. Sienna, Italy

1976: Interpretive Dance & Choreography, Fundamentals of Music, Hunter College, New York, NY

1972-'75: Performance & Lecture Demonstration Series of Baroque Ballet Opera under the direction of Dr. Shirley Wynne, The Ohio State University (Oberlin College, The Smithsonian Institution, Boston University, Ohio University, and UCLA Berkeley. Legion of Honor, The White House/ Renwick Gallery)

1973-'74: Modern Dance, The Ohio State University; Columbus, OH

1971: Music for Dancers, The Ohio State University, reading and playing native music of Ghana

1969: Phonetic Alphabet, Fort Custer Rehabilitation Center, Augusta, Michigan

1969: U.S. Goodwill Ambassador, a violinist with The Kalamazoo Junior Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Professor Julius Stulberg.


SNR - International Society for Neuronal Regulation. Member in Good Standing. 2007-2009

Remediation of Inflammatory Cascades: Dr. Steven Small, Quantum Life. 2008

Thought Technology- Biograph Infinity - Physiology & Heart Rate Variability, Skin Conductance. 2007

ISNR - International Society for Neuronal Regulation: Member in Good Standing. 1998-2007

The National League of Medical Hypnotherapists, # MH10690.  2007

Quantum Alternatives -QXCI Advanced Biofeedback Training / Higher Purpose Seminar. 2003

International Medical University Natural Education Biofeedback Certification: Theory, Treatment, Application of the Tri-Vector Field, Emotional Growth, Risk Profile, and Electro Acupuncture Panels of the QXCI, University Budapest. 2001

United Church of Religious Science / Meditation & Affirmative Prayer, Culver City, CA. 2000

United Church of Religious Science RSc Foundational Class, Culver City, CA 1999

NRNP/National Registry of Neurofeedback Providers: Certification # 22703, LA, CA 1997

American Biotec Corp. - BCIA Certification.  1996

American Biotec Corp. - BCIA Certification #50.  1995

California Dispute Resolution Community Mediator, Los Angeles County Bar Association Dispute Resolution Services. 1993

Brain Gym I, Educational Kinesiology Foundation. 1992

M.A. summa cum laude, The Ohio State University.  1975
BFA magna cum laude, The Ohio State University.  1974


Note: For brevity's sake, specifics for CEU credits (toward her doctorate program) in the following areas of study are not listed here: Applied Neuroscience, Psychology, Spiritual Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, Microbiology, Carl Jung Theory of Archetypes, Learning Disabilities, Biocompatibility Testing, Homeopathy, Herbs, Applied Kinesiology, CPR, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Healing Trauma, Qi Gong, Tai-Chi, and Neurochemistry.

Thought Technology/ Biograph Infiniti & ProComp+: Physiology Training for Heart Rate Variability & Skin Conductance (12 hours) 2007

The National Quantum Alternative - QXCI - Certificate of Advanced Training in Higher Purpose (26 hours.) Los Angeles, CA 2003

International Medical University Natural Education Biofeedback Certification. QXCI, Theory, Treatment & Application of the Tri-Vector Field, Emotional Growth, Risk Profile, & Electro Acupuncture Panels of ht QXCI (36 hours) Burbank, CA.  2001

International Medical University Natural Education Biofeedback Certification, QXCI, (36 hrs) Las Vegas, Nevada 2001

Rife Technology, Beam Ray Corp. (16 hrs.) Los Angeles, CA 2001

Agape International Center for Truth; Meditation and Affirmative Prayer; (16 weeks) Culver City, CA.  2000

Principles of The Science of Mind Religious Philosophy (16 weeks) Culver City, CA 1998

Society for the Study of Neuronal Regulation: 25 elective hours CEU credits/ BCIA
• “Emotional Freedom Techniques,” J. Isaacs, PhD
• “Neurofeedback and Chronic Pain,” V. Ibric, MD
• “Quantitative EEG Analysis for AD/HD and Effects of Stimulant Medication,” L. Lubar, Ph.D.
• “Non-Linear, Dynamical Control Mechanisms to Simplify & Amplify the Power of Neurofeedback,” V. Brown, Ph.D.
• “The 3 Period Approach; Clinical View to the Chaotic Control Mechanisms Underlying CNS Renormalization”
Austin, Texas.  1998

Thought Technology/ Biograph & BioComp+
3-day Training Seminar; Austin, Texas 1998

Second Annual Learning Disorders Symposium
“Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD)

Experimental Paradigms; Burbank, CA. 1998

“Neuropsychological Correlates of Childhood AD/HD: Co-morbid Disruptive Behavior & Reading Disorders” 1998

MRI Research Findings: Dyslexia; Stroke 1998

Alpha/Theta & Supportive Applications for Peak Performance
EEG Biofeedback Training, Spectrum Inc.; Valdeane W. Brown,
Ph.D. - Sue Dermott, Ph.D. (8 hours); Woodland Hills, CA 11/1996

Untying The Knots, Non-intrusive recall of trauma, healing
Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome; Valdeane W. Brown, Ph.D.
(4 Hours); Los Angeles, CA 9/1996

Family-Environment Risk Factors for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Joseph Biederman, MD (Harvard) (4 Hours); UCLA, CA 10/1995

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/ DSMIII & DSMIV (4 Hours);
Joseph Biederman, MD; (Harvard) UCLA, CA 10/1995

Alpha-Theta-SMR-Beta-Synchrony EEG Biofeedback Training for Health and Mental Health Professionals; American Biotec, Health Training Seminars (24 Hours plus 100 hours), Seattle, WA 7/1995

Alpha-Theta-SMR-Beta-Synchrony EEG Biofeedback Training for Health and Mental Health Professionals; American Biotec, Health Training Seminars (24 Hours plus 100 hours), Miami, FL. 3/1995

“Scripted Pretend Anger Release” Dr. Maurice Rapkin; Los Angeles, CA.  1995

Breakthrough Coaching For Teaching: The Education Network; Culver City, CA. 1995

Access to Breakthrough Teaching: The Education Network; Culver City, CA. 1994-'95

Yesterday's Children/ Five Basic Emotions & Parenting: Marti Barham, RN, Ph.D.; Los Angeles, Honolulu, Cupertino. 1994-'95

Seven Ways of Knowing, & Teaching /Gardner/Lazear: Multiple Assessments for Multiple Intelligences. Skylight-Culver City, CA. 1993

The Seven Hats of Problem Solving: Dr. Edward De Bono 1993

Tribes / Cooperative Learning for the Classroom-Elementary: LuNell Limeaux, Center Source; Beverly Hills, CA 5/1993

Brain Gym I: Mary Louise Mueller, M.Ed.; Educational Kinesiology Foundation (36+ hours); Lake Elsinor, CA. 7/1993

Spiritual Practices of Chi Gong: Master Class for Physicians: “The Nine Palaces”, “Standing Chi Gong”, “Moving Chi & The Five Elements.” Rev. Dr. Master Woo from The White Cloud Monastery in Beijing / Los Angeles, CA. 11/1991

Landmark Education:
Communications Course II 9/1993
Communications Course I 7/1992
Self-Expression and Leadership 4/1992

Forward From The Future - Future By Design, Part II 1-4 /1992

The Advanced Course: Los Angeles, CA 9/1991

Forum Graduate 1990
The Forum In Action Series
• Structures & Fulfillment in Business Communications
• Commitment
• Excellence
• Breakdowns & Breakthroughs
• Relationships
Los Angeles, CA 9/1990- 9/ '91

Jungian Archetypal Structures & Applications
Stephanie Jordan, MFCC; Woodland Hills, CA 10/1987-'90

Anthony Robbins & Associates
Neurolinguistic Programming 4/1982
Five Steps to Personal Power 2/1982
Turning Fear Into Power/ The Fire Walk Experience 1/1982
New York, NY

A Course in Miracles - Marianne Williamson; New York, NY 1980-'82

Flight of The Eagle - Eastern & Western Mind: Krishnamurti “Contemplation of The Rose” (16 hours); New York, NY 1981-'83

Breathing & Power of The Mantra - Gurumayi Series; New York, NY 1978-'80

Yogic Breathing/Attention & Awareness - Masters Way to Health; Muktananda (6 mo.); New York, NY 1977

Super Learning 2000 Series
• Subliminal & Conscious Techniques for Accelerated Learning
• Powerful Memory
• Successful Audition
• Greater Creativity
• Creative Problem-Solving
• Restful Sleep
• Weight Loss
• Loving Relationships
• Relieving Addictive Behaviors
• Do More in Less Time
By Psychodynamics of New York 1977-'79

Yogic Breathing, Sound & Transcendental States
Ram Dass (9 hours) ; Columbus, OH 1975

Biofeedback, Temperature/GSR2, Meditation & Autogenics: (16 weeks); Columbus, OH 1975

Applied Kinesiology & Alexander Technique
Ohio State University; Columbus, OH 1973,'74,'75


Doctor of Science in Behavioral Health & Human Sciences 2012
* Attestation and validation of this degree signed by US DEPARTMENT OF STATE, SECRETARY OF STATE, Senator John F. Kerry (No. 472274)

Marriage & Family Therapy 2010-2011

Veterans Research Facilities with Bio-Behavioral Medicine 1996-1998

Columbus, OH
M.A. Summa cum laude 1975
Grad-Fellow Scholarship Recipient 1974-'75
Academic Scholarship Recipient 1970-'75
B.F.A., Magna cum laude 1974

Kalamazoo, MI
Pre-Med., Psychology Major, Music & Dance Therapy 1968-'69

Kalamazoo, MI
Violin Master Studies


Screen Actors Guild 1979-Present
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists 1979-Present
Educational Kinesiology Foundation 1992-2000
The International Dyslexia Association 1997 -2000
ACT - Association of Christian Therapists 1999 - Present
Teaching Tolerance 2000 - 2007
The Hunger Project 2001 - 2010
TBN 2004 - Present
Los Angeles Mission Child Sponsorship 2005- Present
Chamber of Commerce, Thousand Oaks & Westlake 2007
IONS, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Consciousness in Action 2007 - 2010


The Association of Christian Therapists - ACT Cordinator, Los Angeles Region 21 (2012-2015)
Cambridge Who's Who, Women in Business 2009
American Poet's Society 1995, '96, '97
Who's Who In Women In Entertainment - 2nd Edition 1992
Grad Fellow; The Ohio State University; Columbus, OH 1974-'75
OSU Academic Scholarship - Columbus, OH 1970-'75
American Dance Festival Fellowship - New London 1970


Choices for Intensive      
MindMoves™ Brainwave Training: 

Language skills including speech, reading, memorization, creative writing, and successful test taking

Peak performance in sports “the inner game” and enhancement of mental and physical stamina

Upliftment from depression

Weight mastery and regulation of sleep patterns

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