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Brain coherence is essential for the individual to experience peace and feel harmony.

“As is the feeling, so is the result” goes an ancient Hindu saying. Brain coherence within the individual brings inner peace and harmony which naturally and powerfully extends out into the creation of more peaceful and harmonious relationships within the family unit, friends and co-workers, and then into the wider community, the nation and all the way to our global Human Family.  The outward manifestation and transference of this radiant feeling is a mathematical certainty in the realm of quantum physics, especially since we are all united by an invisible universal field which energetically links us together. Please see www.glcoherence.org (the Global Coherence Initiative website) for more information on this subject.
Biofeedback for Self-regulation. MindMoves™ began as Georgia Connor’s biofeedback practice in 1994 in Los Angeles with a primary focus on helping people gain personal mastery in the area of self-regulation. Self-regulation is a learned skill which, over time, becomes a natural adaptation of governance over one's bio-physiological responses while interacting with one's environment. The earmarked benefits include extended calm attention span which evolves into new capabilities, creativity and productivity.
Multi-modality Approach. It became apparent early on in her practice that a multimodality approach was superior in empowering clients, students and athletes as they achieved the brain coherence necessary to lead themselves out of their chaotic lives and into a place of integration between spirit, mind and body. This enabled them to begin designing a life they loved instead of one that was created mostly out of stress. 
Today, Georgia Connor’s clients are offered the following choices for intensive brainwave training: 
language skills including speech, reading, memorization, creative writing, and successful test taking
peak performance in sports “the inner game” and enhancement of mental and physical stamina
upliftment from depression
weight mastery and regulation of sleep patterns.
MindMoves™ Technologies and Objectives. Biofeedback is scientific and measurable, ensuring repeatable results.
Because increased levels of competence is our aim, our combined technologies when used over time encourage the emergence of intrinsic gifts yet to be birthed in each individual. From the place of stillness come deeper insights. As higher forms of personal self-expression evolve so does self-esteem as one reaches out as a contribution to others. Greater inner coherence results in a greater experience of personal peace.
Our technologies include the following:
EEG biofeedback/ neurofeedback/ brainwave training: Self-regulation through biofeedback computer protocols.
MindMove™ StudyBuddy: EEG based programs available in a portable audio/visual unit specific to enhancing brain coherence for speech, deep listening, reading, memory, att ention, relaxation.
MindMoves™ Sensory Integration Practices: Physical and breathing practices that enhance mental functioning and increase spirit, mind, body harmony.
Biocompatibility Testing: Computer generated energetic testing for appropriate nutritional supplementation, homeopathy, herbs, foods and medication to avoid allergic reactivity.
Cold Laser Light Therapy: For activation of acupuncture meridians enhancing brain function, sympathetic/parasympathetic balance, organ function, allergy and addiction remediation and alleviation of pain.
Rife Technology: For the remediation of pain and the elimination of pathogens.
Peace Promotion: Non-violent communication skills, I-Messages, co-operative learning, family dynamics, prayer, meditation, guided imagery.

About Georgia Connor

Many parents and clients ask me why I am so committed to helping children with learning challenges and individuals with depression and auto-immune diseases. My reply is, “Because I have been there! I have spent the majority of my life searching for 'natural' answers for healing myself and those around me.”

Although I remember my childhood days growing up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, as happy ones, I was also plagued with partial paralysis from a polio vaccine at age 4. The seemingly insurmountable challenges of dyslexia, attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder, stammering, slow reading, and a chronic dysbiosis which led to many food and drug allergies set the stage for the development of a steadfast will that said, “Yes I can. Just watch me!”

My mother was a sensitive, intuitive, natural healer and a woman of great faith who continually encouraged me, “Don't you know you can do anything you set your mind to?” My father was the son of a preacher and a renowned veterinarian at the Upjohn Company with a photographic memory. He was a stern disciplinarian with high expectations for everyone.

I remember my first grade teacher saying, “Dr. Connor, we shouldn't expect much from your daughter. I don't suspect she will ever graduate from high school.” That of course made me furious. “I'm smart,” I said to myself. “I see things that nobody else sees. And they don't test these things in school.” With great effort, I'm happy to say, I proved my teacher wrong! With enormous determination I became a runner, a violinist, a cheerleader, and a professional dancer.

Through the help of another dyslexic I developed a photographic memory when studying text books by the end of my first semester in college at Western Michigan University. I teach this method to students who are flunking classes in languages.

At age 19, I claimed psychology as my major interest and I was fortunate to be granted a work-study program at Fort Custer Rehabilitation Center in Augusta, Michigan. My job was to teach 4-8 year olds how to speak and learn the phonetic alphabet. There were 125 children in the ward. They were all so heavily medicated they couldn't remember their own names from one day to the next. This was most heartbreaking for me. There were two children I made progress with. One got a job. I could only reach the others by wiping their running noses, hugging them and holding them through group circle while humming nursery songs. I remember praying and asking God for a better way to heal these kids instead of the pharmaceutical drugs which were robbing them of their memory. Oddly enough, 20 years later I became the answer to my own prayer.

I experienced my first biofeedback training classes after completing my Masters program at The Ohio State University in 1975. I was bleeding from an operation I had nine months prior and the doctors were baffled as to why. I was becoming quite anemic. I also remembered the power of prayer and visualization while healing from my polio. So I knew I had to give this a try. My teacher, Randy, was a Science of Mind practitioner and a trainer for the astronauts. He assured me that the power of prayer and visualization when coupled with an Alpha/Theta GSR device would give me what I was looking for. I trusted him and he was right. My renewed 'connection' to higher mind provided my perfect healing within 12 hours! From that moment on I was 'hooked'. The rest of my life has been filled with a passion for deepening my understanding of the spirit/mind/body connection with biofeedback, prayer and visualization and the technologies mentioned in this report.


I am now a neuroscientist and learning specialist, and the inventor of The MindMoves® StudyBuddy Accelerated Learning System. With certifications in neurofeedback, advanced biofeedback, mediation, and hypnosis, I specialize in a holistic approach to well-being by designing highly individualized programs for optimal well-being and learning. Special focus includes remediation of the symptoms of children, teens and adults suffering from ADD, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Substance abuse is addressed through my Rejuvenating Recovery Program. Understanding and releasing addictions to eating and sugar are inherent in my Weight Mastery program. I am also disciplined in the inflammatory cascade which underlies degenerative diseases and auto-immune dysfunction. I like working with talented individuals who wish to optimize their performance in the Arts and in Sports. Many professional athletes and performers have benefited from my guidance.

What sets my work apart from other brain-wave training clinics are the results achieved through participation in the “MindMoves® Accelerated Learning Program”. These are individual programs which I design to foster rapid improvement. While most neurofeedback programs yield good results after 50 to 100+ sessions, MindMoves' students often show dramatic improvement in as little as 20 sessions.

MindMoves® practices are physical and breathing exercises based on kinesiology designed to affect specific brain function and sensory integration. One easy to learn format is called, “The MindMoves® 7 Steps to Memorization.”

Another practical program is called “The MindMoves® Brain Wake-ups” which opens the gates to learning. Teachers in the Southern California area are beginning to use these practices to ensure less stress in the classroom, greater individual and group attention, improved listening, so there is more time for actual teaching and higher academic achievement rather than discipline (please refer to Karen Walker's testimony on this website).

I became Founder and President of “Possibility Kids,” a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity School, whose mission is the same as the parent company: “World Peace one child at a time.” I engaged in two years of research in the field of ADHD, neurofeedback and nutrition with Dr. Ken Tachiki, Chief Xenobiotics Laboratory and Neurofeedback Center, West Los Angeles VAMC, and Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA (1996 - 1999). My other credentials include: Bachelor of Fine Arts, magna cum laude (1973); Honors Graduate Fellow (1974); and Master of Performing Arts, summa cum laude (1974) from The Ohio State University. I am a sponsor to homeless children at The Los Angeles Rescue Mission and a co-sponsor to a beautiful child in Chile by the name of Belen Tamara. I am a member of the following organizations: ACT, The Association of Christian Therapists (since 1998); TBN, Trinity Broadcast Network; ISNR, International Society for Neuronal Regulation (since 1998); The Hunger Project; Teaching Tolerance; IONS, Institute of Noetic Sciences; Consciousness in Action Program; and Live Earth.

Choices for Intensive      
MindMoves™ Brainwave Training: 

Language skills including speech, reading, memorization, creative writing, and successful test taking

Peak performance in sports “the inner game” and enhancement of mental and physical stamina

Upliftment from depression

Weight mastery and regulation of sleep patterns

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